El Ego. Fall/Winter 2011/2012 collections.

Belén Vidal.

I really liked the combination of colors, dirty white and beige with red, militar green and black. The garments were absolutely original and new but they kept going with a very classic style at the same time.

Moisés Nieto.

The cloth was worked in a very delicate way, creating different silhouettes in the shirts and skirts.

Jaime Mesa & Silvia Gallego.

A very dark collection of wonderful garments. Very volatile skirts, and a very large number of shirts, blazers and jackets were seen in a different way, everything is androgynous, unisex, actually there's not an existence of sex in the designers' point of view.

El Colmillo de Morsa.

Easy pieces in the most beautiful shade of colors.


Lluis Corujo.

A very revolutionary collection. Again long dresses, but this time in a very historic style, very dramatic as well in black, burgundy and dark grey.

-Photographs: Vogue Spain.
All words and photographs in are © Pedro Herrero (unless other is stated).