After a week following strictly the schedule of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week for the Spring/Summer 2011 collections, here's a photographic review of what some of the Spanish designers showed a few weeks ago.

-Diana Dorado: golden, pleats and silk, with a great collection of footwear.

-Lluis Corujo: loved the prints, the mix of transparent and opaque clothes, that really worked, and the wonderful selection of vivid colors.

-Martin Lamothe: cow-boy and the 40's and 50's "American Way of Life", everything in dark and pastels.

-Antonio Alvarado: cool colors and shapes. The deconstructed pieces mixing a more sophisticated style, almost showing a look from the 40's, were awesome.

-Carlos Díez: funny, simple colors but very voluptuous shapes. As always showing Carlos Diez's collaboration with Converse for footwear and accesories, and with Jockey for underwear.

-Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada: after a very long journey, Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada relly did my day with a very different collection, always in her own way. Heart-shaped pieces were the principal idea of the collection.

-Davidelfin: Klein-blue and seatbelts and a very "warholian" look, I liked this collection and I also noticed that it is very simple and I'm not very used to it coming from this designer, known for his aesthetic fashion, though.

-Lydia Delgado: a very changing collection from start to end. At first, kind of a XIII century's look mixing Christian Lacroix, and then simple pieces. A very nice collection of shapes and colors.

Basically, an example of what is cooking inside the Spanish fashion.

All words and photographs in are © Pedro Herrero (unless other is stated).