The lack of posts that I recently had was because last January 5th I went on a trip to New York.
I really liked almost everything of it, the wonderful buildings, the mixture of cultures, museums, stores..., etc. But even though we had a freezing cold temperature at about -5 degrees Celsius, it was too much crowded, and so I realized that it was a part of the Big City Life.
I felt like if I was in one of Woody Allen's films.
These are some of the photographs I took during my trip:

-Views of the city.

-That was Chinatown.
-The Apple Store in the 5th Avenue.
-Prada's Soho store by Rem Koolhaas (just amazing).
-One great design store I found near the New Museum.

-The New Museum of Contemporary Art by Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa from SANAA.
-Guggenheim Museum, which had a great inside-structure, but a line of 3 hours outside the building.
-The Whitney Museum
-Some Calder at MoMa's. They were also showing a great expo about the Bauhaus School.

Ever since I came back from the trip, I have Gershwin playing his Rhapsody in Blue again and again in my head.
New York is a very energizing, inspiring and awesome city that we should better not stop visiting.
Then back in Madrid and after 7 hours of Valium-sleeping, I found the real winter.

-Photographs: used a Samsung Digimax S600.
All words and photographs in are © Pedro Herrero (unless other is stated).