Finally, last weekend I was able to visit a pair of the expos showing the design arrived from Finland.
First, I visited the Helsinki Madrid FinDesign at el Matadero that showed a lot of furniture, clothing, graphic design, architecture, and even magazines. It is common in the nordic design to use natural materials such as wood, paper, wool... and I found strangely impressive the way they use new technologies on their designs.
It wasn't a very long expo, but it showed a very specific overview of what they wanted to show, so here is a little walk through Helsinki Madrid FinDesign:

This is not part of the expo, but I wanted to show also a little bit of the building itself, which is very interesting and beutiful.

And this is el Museo del Traje that showed the expo called Marimekko: 10 Puntos de Vista, about the finnish brand that has wonderful graphic designs with, usually, colorful flowers, stripes or polka dots that are used on tablecloths, t-shirts, dresses, towels...
The use of cameras was forbidden unfortunately, but I found some on the Internet.

I also wanted to show el Museo del Traje's building which is a wonderful place, with a very big garden and it is also a very beautiful building.

Photographs: used a Samsung Digimax S600.
Photographs of Marimekko: 10 Puntos de Vista's Expo: Google Images.
All words and photographs in are © Pedro Herrero (unless other is stated).