These are three of the latest buildings by Japanese architect Junichi Sampei, minimal architecture:

On the Cherry Blossom (2009)

When client Takashi Watanabe saw the place, he instantly liked it because of the cherry blossom trees, and decided to buy a plot across the street.
For Junichi Sampei the height above had more potencial, so it would provide his children an excellent view, so he maximized the volume of the second floor to place the main spaces of the house, and minimized the first floor, so it gave to the house a tree-like shape.
Though blossom trees only bloom a few days a year, the house isn't less atractive, it looks like another tree.

Dancing Living House (2008):

This house was designed as a family residence combined with a dance studio. Dancing Living House is located in Yokohama, Japan. The building has a glass corner that brings the sunlight in, and a white minimal styled exterior.

House in Myorenji (2004):

House in Myorenji is also located in Yokohama and designed as a family residence, and built on a wedge-shaped site at a lenght of about 60 feet. It has adopted the structure of the typical Japanese house.
Personally, I like the way the building looks on the second photograph with the lights that go through the windows mixed with the concrete wall.

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